My trip to Scotland

The college St-exupery wanted to find some internship for us, 12 students were chosen because they were the most serious and hardworking group of students. When they told me I'm going to Scotland, I was so happy.

We left France on March 12th 2017 to land at Amsterdam for 3 hours, it was long, we did the tour of all the shops again and again. At 11am the same day we return to the plane. Finally we landed in Scotland and got settled into our. The next day, we visited our internship locations but I was the only without a traineeship as the organisation had changed their minds.

We spent a week searching for an internship for me, but no company wanted to take a temporary trainee.

So... while we seeking an internship for me, we continued to visit Scotland, we visited loch ness and a lot of wonderful landscapes.

Finally,we found an internship at Engage ME, in Glasgow through Volunteer Glasgow. Me and my teachers met with the organization which defends the rights of the ethnic minority in UK. I thank them for having accepted me into their company