We are delighted to be a project partner in the Storying Relationships project - the team are currently interviewing young British Muslims of Pakistani heritage, male and female aged 16-30 years across Glasgow, Yorkshire and Tyne & Wear so if you would like to be involved read on & then get in contact with [email protected]. There is further information on the projects website here 

About Storying Relationships

Storying relationships is a 3 year project being conducted by researchers at the University of Sheffield , Newcastle University and the University of York

What is this project about?

The project asks how young British Muslims, particularly those with Pakistani heritage, talk and think about their personal relationships. Particular attention will be paid to relationships issues that may be specific to these groups, and linked to culture or religion.

It explores the role of stories and storytelling in this, focusing on relationship stories that are told in everyday life (with friends, for example) and also media such as fiction, films and radio. It investigates existing stories and also involves participants in making and sharing new stories.

Who will be involved?

The study will reflect some of the diversity of British Pakistani Muslims and will take place in three areas: Yorkshire, Glasgow, and Tyne and Wear. Project researchers include Nafhesa Ali, Richard Phillips, Claire Chambers, Raksha Pande, and Peter Hopkins.

We will work with individuals conducting one-to-one interviews and with community organisations who support young British Pakistani Muslim men and women in their personal lives and relationships, such as community youth helplines, introduction agencies, and marriage counselling and advice services.

Recruiting Young People

The project is interviewing young British Muslims of Pakistani heritage, male and female aged 16-30 years across Glasgow, Yorkshire and Tyne & Wear.

Are you aged 16-30 years? of British Pakistani Heritage and live in Glasgow, Yorkshire or Tyne & Wear

The team are looking for individuals across these areas who would be interested in speaking to the team members on their experiences of being British, Muslim and Pakistani and the way in which relationship practices across their personal and social lives are played out.

If you are interested in being interviewed,

Please contact Nafhesa Ali via email [email protected] or mobile 07710761188. All interviews are confidential and anonymous.

Any Questions?

For more information, please contact Nafhesa Ali on [email protected] If you have any questions or concerns about this research, please feel free to contact the lead researcher, Richard Phillips, [email protected]