what is elearning?

eLearning is electronic learning which means using a computer to deliver a course whether it's a full distance learning course or not. Technology has developed and is now being embrace more than ever before allowing the use of interactive designs that make distance learning not only engaging, but valuable as a lesson delivery medium.

Engage ME combines a quality training provider and a dedicated experienced technical team and support staff to create a blended learning environment, offering the opportunity to provide high quality eLearning programmes.

our programmes are available:

  • -To purchase on an individual basis (single licence use).
  • -To purchase on a multiple licence basis for organisations.
  • -Free to use (selected programmes).
  • -Bespoke programmes designed to your needs by our ‘in-house’ design team.

It is recognised that some organisations experience difficulties in releasing staff for open trainings. Engage ME eLearning programmes provide the flexibility of remote access and participation to take account of staff time, organisational capacity and resource implications in relation to staff training and development. The programmes will also give individuals the space and time to fully explore their own responses, allow time for reflection, for sessions to be repeated at regular intervals and for content to be updated to ensure levels of knowledge are maintained and up-to-date.

Advantages of eLearning

eLearning plays an important role in the ability of society and its institutions to produce, access, adopt and apply information in a rapidly changing and developing world. They are developed by leading subject matter experts and provide an interactive and engaging learning experience, designed to support both group and individual use and are proven to reduce material and consumable costs.


Engage ME eLearning programmes allow 

  • Personalised learning
  • Real time and remote access
  • The ability to work at the learners’ own pace in a non-judgmental setting
  • Access to first-hand accounts from survivors and practitioners
  • Engagement in online activities and scenarios
  • Continuing Professional Development recognition

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Later this year Engage ME eLearning will be launching

  • Minority Ethnic Communities – Raising Awareness - Understanding and Safeguarding


We are currently hosting


“Supporting Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse: Working with Adult Survivors(CSA1)

A basic awareness raising programme developed with support from Scottish Government to support frontline workers and professionals working with adults may have been sexually abused as children. CSA1 addresses the definition of Childhood Sexual Abuse (CSA), facts and common myths, and general barriers to disclosure. It contains sections on the specific issues within minority ethnic communities and for males, and reinforces that good practice is led by needs of survivors.

The training will encourage frontline workers and professionals to have more confidence in their work, and is specifically designed to:

  • increase awareness of CSA and provide insight into how it impacts on survivors.
  • provide a good start in understanding this difficult area and challenge some of the damaging myths.
  • enable workers to feel better equipped to work with people who may have been abused as children.
  • demonstrate that there are no magic solutions and that survivors, like all of us, need a safe relationship within which to raise issues or problems.


This course has been creatively constructed to be engaging and interactive, and it is not onerous for the learner to undertake. The benefits of undertaking this perception changing eLearning programme greatly exceed the time invested by the learner.

To access the course: Click Here


“Supporting Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse: Building Knowledge and Skills(CSA2)


An advanced programme that provides a unique insight into how an effective, appropriate, gender and culturally sensitive response to adult survivors may be provided, including the impact of CSA on vulnerable groups, including male survivors and survivors from minority ethnic communities. The development of the programme has been funded by the Scottish Government and aligns with SurvivorScotland National Outcomes and Priorities Framework 2015-2017. The course content has developed by experts in the field. Whilst gaining additional knowledge and practical skills, frontline workers will also gain a Level 9 SCQF credit-rated award towards their continuing professional development.

CSA2 provides practical training elements with best practice and realistic case studies and scenarios enabling frontline workers to be equipped to provide an effective, appropriate, gender and culturally sensitive response to adult survivors from a variety of vulnerable groups and has undergone a peer-review process.

This course has been creatively constructed to be engaging and interactive, and it is not onerous for the learner to undertake. The basic course, without the additional reading materials, can be easily completed in a few hours, and as our testimonies attest, the benefits greatly exceed the time to be invested by the learner.

To access the course: Click Here

If you represent an organisation and would like the courses hosted on your internal LMS or to register as a group please complete a short form here and our eLearning team will respond to you within 48hours