A forced Marriage is notably distinct from an arranged marriage, which is entirely consensual. In an arranged marriage. The families take a leading role in choosing the marriage partner, but the choice of whether to enter the marriage is left to both people. A forced marriage occurs without the consent of either the bride or groom, or in some cases without the consent of either party to the marriage. This is a form of abuse that is particularly pertinent in the ME community and one which is legislated against e.g. Forced Marriage (Protection and Jurisdiction) (Scotland) Act 2011. There is no religion that says it is right to force you into a marriage and you are not betraying your faith by refusing such a marriage. 

At engage ME we work to raises awareness and challenges the practice of forced marriage in the United Kingdom. Working with communities, faith groups and professional bodies we seek to create a change in societal attitudes that will result in a long term reduction of forced marriage within the UK’s minority ethnic communities.

We work towards eliminating forced marriage by challenging the practice before it takes place. Through working with communities, faith groups and victims, we strive to overcome the culture of acceptance or of denial.  In doing so, we aim to dispel myths and stereotypes in relation to forced marriages within minority ethnic communities.

We deliver specialised awareness raising events, culturally-sensitive training seminars to frontline staff and work to increase the knowledge and understanding of relevant legislation and issues.