Is a great asset to be able to be present in the community through different communication channels. We are looking for volunteers with an interest in working on our marketing and media campaigns developing our social media presence, producing marketing materials, blogging, and working on our regular publications and communications.

We are currently actively seeking volunteers to carry out social media tasks.

Potential Tasks include
- developing and manage engage ME social media
- write and post blog, tweets, updates, etc.
- encourage engage ME team members to contribute
- attend engage ME events & provide live social media updates
- reply to comments, messages
- report findings to team e.g.facebook analytics
- develop regular online newsletters

Please complete our application form here if you are interested in this role

What you can expect from us

  • to be assigned a main contact person, who will be responsible for your support and training needs
  • to make sure you feel valued and included, and that your contribution, success and commitment is recognised and celebrated.
  • to respect you, listen to you, and learn from what you have to say.
  • to accommodate your skills, interests, experience, and motivation wherever we can.
  • to provide you with a clearly defined outline of the roles and tasks we would like you to undertake
  • to make your volunteering experience as rewarding and enjoyable as we can