Improving Mainstream Services

Engage ME aims to assist mainstream organisations and services to tailor, improve and transform their own services to be more accessible and more relevant to ME people and communities.


Engage ME engages with political leaders at national and local levels and national and local organisations from the public, private and third sectors to ensure that the voices and needs of our minority ethnic communities are heard and addressed in terms of legislation, policy, planning and service delivery.

Engage ME truly believes in partnership working. We believe that we “punch well above our weight” on our own but we aspire to strengthen our collaboration with other organisations in the public, private and third sectors to help develop knowledge, skills and understanding of mainstream service providers and frontline staff working with minority ethnic families.

We also wish to undertake more in the way of joint working and projects with larger third sector organisations, particularly those engaged in child and adult protection work.

We will continue with existing partnerships focussed on delivery and additionally will seek to develop new strategic partnerships across the UK.

Engage ME staff have substantial experience of training and supporting organisations on how to develop and transform their approach in order to better support and engage with minority ethnic communities. Our staff have extensive knowledge of minority ethnic issues and are widely experienced in delivering training, research and consultancy support.

Please contact us on [email protected] to discuss your needs