Engage ME is UK wide social enterprise working in the minority ethnic sector. We work with public, third and private sector organisations and individuals to provide support, consultancy and specialist and bespoke services to address issues that affect Minority Ethnic communities.  

We are a leading training provider in the field of Minority Ethnic Issues and deliver high quality face to face, bespoke and eLearning training solutions with interactive and participative programmes that are suitable for front line workers and professionals across all disciplines and at all levels.

Engage ME will support organisations to conduct research and develop strategies to ensure that organisations provide appropriate and effective services for Minority Ethnic communities and welcome approaches from third parties to conduct research and provide tailored advice according to their specific needs.

We have developed and delivered a range of training and development interventions in this sensitive and challenging area. Our  knowledgeable personal have many years’ experience of addressing key issues with a particular focus on ME communities such as honour based violence, forced marriage, FGM, radicalisation etc. and the cultural sensitivities and taboos which they encompass.

We deliver interventions which helps ME organisations working with children understand their responsibilities towards safe practices and raise awareness amongst children of what they should expect from organisations in relation to being safe.

Our desire is to bring these important issues out of the shadows, helping survivors of abuse and trauma, helping families tackle abusive situations and helping communities to openly recognise issues and build in interventions designed to improve all aspects of dealing with these and many other issues.

We aim to deliver work in partnership with a range of public, private and third sector stakeholders some of which is designed to help mainstream providers improve, tailor or develop responses that improve access to services by ME people and communities.

Going forward, we will continue to develop a broad range of services and materials as well as more practical responses for ME communities in conjunction with key advisors who have specific expertise and are renown in these areas, countering radicalisation as well emerging important issues.

We aspire to be an organisation with full national reach, influence and service delivery.


The engage ME Team